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A very successful weekend this weekend. In practice, on Friday we found our setup for racing and I set the 2nd fastest lap time which had me with some confidence on my way into race day.

Come qualifying the rain came down so I went out the gate and did my best to come home with the car on 3rd. Race 1 was exhilarating with a 4 car battle for the lead in the later stages of the race. As I was sitting in 3rd a car had dropped some oil and both Alex Crosbie and Liam Sceats ahead of me slipped off the road and I took the lead. That didn't last for long however as Liam came back at me on the final lap of the race and took the lead, as I was setting up a cutback I slipped on the same bit of oil he did a lap earlier, the win was his and I ended up in 2nd. Race 2 I had a good start and even better pace, setting the fastest lap of the race, but didn't have the horsepower to race for the lead and came home in 4th. Due to me setting the fastest lap in race 2 I was starting on pole in race 3. This had the nerves going and I was ready for an exciting race! I had a decent launch but Liam Sceats had a better one, and he got up the inside of me on my way into turn 1 and I got hung out to dry, falling back to 6th. From there we had a 6 car battle for the lead, swapping positions every lap. Come to the final lap and a huge crash unfolded between 2 cars on the entry to turn 1, I was in 5th and made a cutback on 1 driver and slotted into 2nd. This is where I would finish the race after a chase for the win. I went for a cutback on Liam to get the inside line into the final corner, however, he defended superbly and I crossed the line behind him by just 0.130 of a second.

Blake Dowdall Alongside Liam Sceats
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